Avocado salad vintage towel shorts


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IDK something about these shorts just pulls me back to my gramma’s kitchen….that’s a good thing tho bc it was such a warm inviting place to be and it always smelled good.  The kind of place that feels made just for you and you always want to go back.  Memories unlocked.  I know someone else will see these and feel equally drawn to them.  Teal and avocado are soooo good together.  This pair has side seam pockets too!

I try to give my best guess on the sizing but encourage you to always use your measurements.  It can be tricky to measure your own body and add in enough extra space for ease and such so my best advice is to measure something you already have and love the fit of.  That being said, based on the measurements, these shorts would likely be best for someone who generally wears a S/M/L  depending on how you like the fit.


Waist, 28”-36”

Hips, 42”

Rise, 13.5”

Inseam, 2.5”

The materials I use are vintage and will show some wear and minor imperfections.  This is a beautiful patina that comes from years of love and mending.   Any major imperfections are carefully repaired through visible mending.   My goal is first to make you a garment that is sturdy af and will last a lifetime and second, a one of a kind piece of wearable art.   I recommend washing your new garment on a gentle cycle and laying flat to dry.  Thank you for being part of Mother Nature’s Army by supporting slow fashion.