Cranberry lane adventure bag


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I love when it’s Mary Poppins bag season!  I collect and save upholstery fabric and bark cloth all year long for these fall/winter bags and I’ll make and include them through all my winter drops until I run out of materials.  I also have a local (to me) maker friend that waxes her own canvas with wax from her bees and we barter materials.  These bags are so special.

The material used for this bag is a thick cotton barkcloth that reminds me of an old Persian rug that lived in the house of a fancy lady on Cranberry Lane.

I added some outside pockets to the bags this year and I’m liking that little extra detail a lot and will keep it for future bags as well.  All of the bags measure 20″ wide and 15″ high, they all have a waxed canvas base, straps and pocket accents.  I added the waxed canvas  straps and pocket details this year too!  Adding that little detail to the outside pocket allowed me to put a heavy duty snap there and ensure that it will be very durable for many years to come.  Each bag also has inside pockets and the linings vary in color but they’re all made from thick (not waxed) canvas.  The outside waxed canvas breaks in similar to leather and develops a beautiful patina over time.  These bags are sturdy, will last forever and make great holiday gifts.  I made myself one last year and I use it for everything, overnights, carry-on bag, farmers market, flea markets, it holds a lot!  Having the durable base also makes it a lot less cringe with I have to set it down on a train or sidewalk.

The materials I use are vintage and will show some wear and minor imperfections.  This is a beautiful patina that comes from years of love and mending.   Any major imperfections are carefully repaired through visible mending.   My goal is first to make you a garment that is sturdy af and will last a lifetime and second, a one of a kind piece of wearable art.

Please note that the nature of waxed canvas is to break in and develop a nice patina on the outside.  It is NOT recommended that you ever machine wash it.  Your bag will come with full care instructions but waxed canvas should only be spot cleaned!  This is why it pairs so nicely with upholstery fabric which is also best spot cleaned.

Thank you so much for shopping small and being part of Mother Nature’s Army!!