Vintage towel scrappy adventure bag (blue)


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I always save all of my scraps and try to find ways to repurpose them.  I like to let them pile up into a colorful little scrap mountain and then I separate them by color and come up with an idea for them.  This time, I decided to make a little collection of scrappy adventure bags.  I looooove how they came out. The last photo shown is of the inside of the bag.

I made this bag over the summer and it got crowded out in my studio and sat unseen through the fall.  I think of this as a summer bag but you could use it all year long…..and it comes with a discounted price.

Each bag measures approx 20″ wide and 16″ long and is lined with a heavy duty canvas fabric that I got from a textile salvage shop the last time I was in North Carolina visiting my momma.  Each bag has two big inside pockets and a heavy duty metal snap closure.  These bags are a labor of love as working with scraps becomes a big puzzle.  It’s time consuming to make a bag like this and each one is a work of art that can never be repeated.  I hope you love them as much as I do.  These bags will withstand the test of time, patchwork never goes out of style.

The materials I use are vintage and will show some wear and minor imperfections.  This is a beautiful patina that comes from years of love and mending.   Any major imperfections are carefully repaired through visible mending.   My goal is first to make you a garment that is sturdy af and will last a lifetime and second, a one of a kind piece of wearable art.   I recommend washing your new garment on a gentle cycle and laying flat to dry.  Thank you for being part of Mother Nature’s Army by supporting slow fashion.